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made in croatia EU
about us
made in croatia EU
about us
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We make high quality products and create long memories!


A small workshop with a big heart!

Ideas come from imagination.
New products are created and designed in our small workshop.
Each product is handmade with love and care

Ručni rad


Imagination, that magic word, is the driving force behind all of our ideas. It enhances virtues such as creativity and ingenuity that enable us to progress, create and develop our ideas.

Sigurno za djecu


We can proudly say that each item is our own design. We turn all of our ideas into artistic sketches that inspire our designs.

Meko drvo


Each item is made in our own production plant using a process we call "from raw material to final product". Therefore we like to say: "A small workshop with a big heart!"

Meko drvo


All of our products are the result of exclusively handmade work and we are proud to say that every item is unique. Each item has its own story because it was created in one small workshop where hands are the main tool. Quality is our main asset that ensures functionality, reliability and durability of our products.

Ručni rad


Our products are environmentally friendly and can be recycled or repurposed. Postojeći način potrošnje stanovništva, sve veći ekološki problemi i opasnosti od otpadnih tvari predstavljaju probleme za potrošače, gospodarstvo i menadžment, a upravljanje okolišem danas postaje izazov i potreba modernog svijeta. Takvi razlozi doveli su do ekoloških promjena i osviještenosti potrošača i proizvođača o utjecaju koji mogu imati na očuvanje okoliša.

Sigurno za djecu


Yes, we paint our furniture by hand with a paintbrush, which again proves uniqueness. We use ECO acrylic paints based on high quality water-soluble acrylic resin, light-resistant pigments, additives and water. ECO friendly acrylic paints are non-toxic, non-flammable and weatherproof.

Meko drvo


This material is visually appealing and will brighten up any indoor space. Different wooden objects painted in natural colours will create a warm atmosphere. When buying our furniture, you can be assured that the product you are buying has not been produced to the detriment of our forests or has contributed to any exploitation of forest resources.

Meko drvo


We are pleased and proud to point out that our products are present on every continent of our beautiful planet, so they can reach you too. Thank you very much for visiting our website!

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