Ordered items are packed in transport boxes and will be stacked and protected to prevent damage during transportation. When receiving the ordered products the customer is obliged to check for any visible external damage to the transport box and immediately raise it with the delivery person by filling in the complaint report of the courier. The customer is obliged to submit a complaint report with attached photographs which show visible damage caused during transport and send them to the e-mail address info@bokadesign.hr.

Please note subsequent complaints are not accepted.
The delivery cost depends on the value of the ordered goods. If the customer refuses to receive the delivery of the package without just reason and/or does not pick up the package from the contracted courier and the product gets returned to Boka Design PLC, Boka Design PLC has the right to charge the customer for the cost of returning items in accordance with the up to date price list for courier service. Boka Design d.o.o. will issue an invoice to the buyer for the above explained within 15 days.

Return Policy

When returning items the customer is obliged to send a justified reason for return to the supplier. The customer has the right to return the product in the following cases:

• Delivery of the wrong product
• Delivery of a product that has a defect or damage that did not occur during transport

Please check the received items against your invoice and if something  is missing please notify your delivery person immediately. We do not accept subsequent complaints.
Boka Design PLC is responsible for any defects of their products and is obliged to replace damaged and/or incorrectly delivered products at its own expense if it has been determined that the complaint is justified and that the customer or courier is not responsible for missing, defected or damaged items.